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PostSubject: AsTroKid App Dx   AsTroKid App Dx I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 6:09 am

Name: Maurice But yuh Can Call Me Junior

Age:16 turning 17 in AUgust WOOT

Where From: Manhhatan in the U.S

How often on: 10 hours to 15 because i have Laptop =)

Why you: I feel as if i am very qualified, I am A cool Guy and i'm very social so anytime someone needs help im there to help them and the best way i can and that's why i want to become be a gm not only to help with the server but also help people on the server as well. I am qualified for this job because i knoe what it takes to be a good gm and also ive been involded in many private servers before this so I know what would help SolarLight in any type of situation.

What can you do: Keep watch of Hackers while other of the gm's off since i have a laptop and I can be on at late times during the night. Im going to really try to bring people to the server and also i can help out with any problems. I can also help with codes for gm's and other various types of items and weapons mostly.

Experience:I was a Gm in another maplestory sever called CakeStory Which was sadly closed due to problems with nexon and i also was a GM in another private server Called BummStory. I can make videos for the server to broad cast on youtube and other websites as well.


Contacts: Aol: MrcDaCeo
Yahoo: ShadowSlayerx1

THanx =)
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AsTroKid App Dx
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