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PostSubject: lordstewy's app   lordstewy's app I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 7:02 am

Name:steward but u can call me stewy

AGE:15 turning 16 at sep 18

Where From:burdhiem AB

How often on:most of the time other then hockey and school 8:15-3:00

Why me:well like i can do a lot of stuff like host events and more im fair and kind i will follow any thing u say and obey the rules and im a nice guy well one thing i cant do good is spell sorry im bad at it.

What can I do:well look out for hackers and hosting events im good at that and my frend is teching me to code so that will help.


Experience:i have some i was an gm a fie u times 3-5 i know allot of gm and im good with gm hand book so ua.

Can i Donate?:no i can becuse my dad is away some wear
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lordstewy's app
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