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 Jamie's GM Application <3

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Jamie's GM Application <3 Empty
PostSubject: Jamie's GM Application <3   Jamie's GM Application <3 I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 5:23 pm

How long can you be on playing? Well i goto college on Monday Tuesday and friday from 9am till 4pm, then i'll be with my girlfriend untill roughly 7pmish so i'd be home by 7:30,then i could be on untill at least 1am on those days, weekends if i aint with my girlfriend, or busy i can be on from moment i wake up till whenever i drop asleep =D.

Why should we pick you out of all the other's?
if you knew me personally i bet you would pick me out of most of these other people, i aint being big headed, but i love to help people i love helping people with their problems, and issues, and i love the feeling i get knowing someone else has benefited from my help, then it makes me happy to be quite honest, i've been helping people with their problems and issues for roughly about 4 to 5 years now but hell that isn't a reason for you to pick me to be a gm, thats just an extra bonus for everyone else who has problems in their life and has noone to talk to about them, then well i'm your man to be honest, but thats my personal opinion see for yourself people =D. i only just made a login for this server, as i'm only searching for a gm placement for the meanwhile as i miss being a gm, and people take me for granted when i'm a normal player, and i hate that to be honest, but thank you for reading this tiny bit of myself and such.

Have you had any experence? i was a Gm on MaplePS for roughly about 3 months or so, untill a big arguement broke loose, therefore it shut down but yeah =D

Would you be willing to ban your family/friend's if they do something wrong?
i personally believe in giving people second chances if it is for something stupid as for swearing or such, hacking, glitching, anything to help them benefit will not be tolerated, family, friends, anyone. but apart from hacking and such if its just for silly things such as swearing or etc they'll be given a second chance no matter who they are, if its personal things they are throwing at me, or any other person in this family of ours they will get sent to Jail for at least a hour, and if i aint busy at the time i will teleport to them and speak to them, for 10 mins or so, and have a chat with them and see what is on their mind, etc etc

IM/Email to contact you:, 07719519396 and you can text me if you wish, please add me on msn either way as i love making new friends.

Comments: thank you so much for reading this application, another question if i do get picked for this job, would the admin or a gm be able to teach me Coding and stuff in their spare time, as this is always helpul in the future for the community. thank you ever so much x
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Jamie's GM Application <3
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