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 iPrince Gm's Application :D!

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iPrince Gm's Application :D! Empty
PostSubject: iPrince Gm's Application :D!   iPrince Gm's Application :D! I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 4:04 am

Name's Andy
IGN`s Prince Very Happy
Age: supersweetsixteen!
Description of yourself: Like an ordinary other human being ;D
Hobbies: Swimming.
Why should we choose you: Cause um. I can adapt very fast & i'll lend a helping hand to your probs.
What kinda ideas do you have for the server: Hm. Definitely Worldpq! ;D
Any experience on being a gm?: Nah.
[Never signed up for the others.]

Any servers before this one if so name: hmm a lot. But i'll list a few.
Urbanstory.Ancientms.Winterstory.Summerstory. ..
What kinda person you consider yourself to be: A fun, well-likeable peep.
What do you think of the server: Sweet!
Some reasons you think yer a good candidate for becoming a gm:
Like i mentioned earlier, i can adapt very fast. Just teach me twice and i'll be on my way.

Can You Donate: depends Very Happy
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iPrince Gm's Application :D!
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