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 YohAakura(james)GM Application

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PostSubject: YohAakura(james)GM Application   YohAakura(james)GM Application I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 3:39 pm

Info about me:
Name:James Carter

Why do i want to become a gm?

The reason why i have chose this moment to attempt to become a gm is because i am tired of being denied access to do certain things that can benefit the community because i am just a player.I am the type of person that likes to help people because i feel that they should be able to have fun enjoying this game and i enjoy helping them out because that's just the type of person i am.Next,If i am elected gm i will promise you that i will be dedicated 110% to do my job and be very pleasant with the work i have done to make this community better.I am not just applying because of the power i am applying because i care for many players out there and i am a worthy person to be apart of the staff.

Rate your English
I would say that my English is 4.5/5, the reason why is because i am in honors English but im not sure if its on others level but my english good enough for many viewers to understand and comprehend.

How long can i play?
I usually play for about 12 hours most of the time but if i was a gm i would be on almost all of the time to make sure that every player is satisfied with the things that is going on in the game.

Are you deserving?
Trust me with all of my heart i know that i am very deserving to be a gm and i know that i have the capacity to do my job as a gm and make sure that our players experience the gaming of a life time.I have been playing this game for months to understand how things work around and i have stuck with the game close to the beginning when we weren't even recognize by many viewers.

How long have you been playing ms/private servers?
Well,i have been playing global maple story for about 4 years and i have enjoyed maple story but i have noticed that i have been going on maple story less and less because the game hasn't excite me like it use to. The training took forever and also the fact that i have to waste money in my own pocket to get nx and i probably wasted about 500$.If this game were to come out earlier i would have donated that amount of money,but in time i will donate.

For the people who took their time to read this and leave a comment and vote thank you and please when you vote to leave a comment because i really want this job more than anything and i would like to know where i am lacking or improve on.

~Thank you~
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PostSubject: Re: YohAakura(james)GM Application   YohAakura(james)GM Application I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 11:51 pm

Good App but one thing FOLLOW THE DANG FORMAT!!!
It misses question like can you donate >.>
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YohAakura(james)GM Application
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