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 Feeze Gm Application^O^

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PostSubject: Feeze Gm Application^O^   Feeze Gm Application^O^ I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 7:58 am

Hellow!!I`m New for this server but i wanted to try for GM application...

Usually i online is after School...
My Name:Cloud Cheng

Are you kind to other player?Yes i am..i will try my best to help them if they got any problem in this server..

How i kind with them??I will answer the player question..and i also will help bring them to the place that they dont know where it is..

Do you be GM before?Nope but i make own server b4 i played with my friend only ..because that my last time computer had spoil so dont have all system already..

What would i do if i saw HACKER???Firstly i will take screenshot first as a prove then i will banned them and put the picture on forum as a prove that player is hacking..

What do you do if people spamming??I will warn them for spamming...If they did it again i would mute them for 5 minutes..if 2nd time i would jain them for 30 min..

Why will i choose to be a GM??Because GM is fun and it also will help out the server and also make this server more happy and full of joy.

Can You Work with Team???YEs i will.. because team will make our work easier..and we also will hav a lot of joy and happie ...i also will help this server what they nid for...

What can you do on forums..?I will remove the spamming message or reply back what player asking...

Time:Followed SG time

Why do you all Pick me??Because i will make my job done and i am reliable for this server..

Do i Willing for Donate???Erm i still studying so i dont have credit card XD..

Thanks For Reading
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Feeze Gm Application^O^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Feeze Gm Application^O^   Feeze Gm Application^O^ I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 20, 2009 4:07 pm

Sorry I'm not being mean but, follow the application, and you're english quite frankly sucks.
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Feeze Gm Application^O^
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