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 GM application...with experiance

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PostSubject: GM application...with experiance   Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:41 pm

Hi maplefriends from solar,

my name is Maarten, comming and living in The Netherlands.
and im 19 years old.
gender: Male

the reason why i really wanted to be a GM is that im experianced of playing maple
im playing 5 years in total and 1 year on different private servers.
i was a GM on Chronic MS and was a admin of advertising and helping with many good suggestions
to make the server way better and with a bunch of happy and satisfied maplers.
i could help you with advertsing and help out by taking hackers out of the game
and im standing open to learn coding..or if you could give me some websites/information to learn it
the reason to pick me is that im allways friendly and wanna help other players out with there problems and questions.
give me a chance...and i will prove my proffesionality when im GM
i will be there to advertise and make movies if needed

mail me:

Friendly Greetings SilverWing/Maarten
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PostSubject: Re: GM application...with experiance   Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:45 pm

Follow the format and do it again.
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GM application...with experiance
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