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 The Application from Afellay20

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PostSubject: The Application from Afellay20   The Application from Afellay20 I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 25, 2009 8:24 pm

1st: Why do I wanna become a GM.
I wanna Be a GM Because, I wanna Help people If they need help I dont giving out GM stuff Or Super Scroll for free to ppl.
I am Very exped to be a GM. I Know Alot Codes and i got Gm book.

2nd: My Age
I am 13 Years Old & Play maplestory for 3 years long. ( 1995-03-13 )

3rd: Events
I know/make alot of Events, like Hide & Seek. Dressing Event. Guess Mob Name. 5min. Higher Rate. Port to GM Map. & more. Wink

I know good npc's that will help the Server.

I wan Make a System in the Game 2. Like Pigmy Egg. Or Chickens. So that is more Fun For the Players. With Event Points they can Buy GM stuff
Or Scrolling Its really more fun for the Players, Wink
* Event Points are Pigmy Eggs Like :

Aquarium Pigmy Eggs: 1000 points

El-Nath Pigmy Eggs: 500 points

Ludi Pigmy Egg: 100 points

Ellinia Pigmy Egg: 50 points

Henesys Pigmy Egg: 40 points

Perion Pigmy Egg: 30 points

Kerning Pigmy Egg: 20 points

Orbis Pigmy Egg: 10 points

This is the GM Application From Afellay20 (Miaad)

Byeee, I hope u like it. =]]]
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The Application from Afellay20
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