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 Server Donations

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PostSubject: Server Donations   Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:28 am

For survival and improvement of server it would be nice to donate to the server.
Donation wont go unpaid So here are the gifts for donating.

$1=100 Ap + Donor Gm(does nothing but is still a gm in ways)
$2=Gm Scroll + Donor Gm + if im in a good mood might get 2 or more.
$3= Dragon Stone + Donor GM
$5=Mark of beta hat + 26 atk scg +donor gm
$10= Mark of Beta Hat+(+10)Horntail Necklace+ Donor Gm(ht neck is dragonstoned scrolled)
$20= Mark of Beta Hat + (+20)Horntail Necklace + 32Atk scg + Wizet Case.
$25= Super Dana Max on all stats (32767)even on watk (except hp mp).(Who said u cant be godly lol)+Donor Gm
$30= Super Dana + (+30) Honrtail Necklace + 40atk Scg + Donor Gm
$40= Super Dana + (+40) Horntail Necklace + 50atk scg + 50 Dex Sword Earrings + Donor Gm
$50= Ultimate Set (Super Dana + Super scg + Super Spig Neck+ Super Face Stompers + Super popsicle +Super Earrings.
$60= Final Ultimate Set (has everything in Ultimate set.)+ Super Cape + Super rings (2) + Super Mount.
$70= Super Gm Buy in + Final Set.

(Sets Have Donor Gm too)
Super Mount = Max Stat on Saddle And Draco
Super Ring = Quote ring and Crossed heart ring.(max stats on both)

All Supers have no max hp nor mp No Jump and speed too.
Please Donate for the survival of this server.
Post What You think should be here or what you want for a cost and ill see

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PostSubject: Re: Server Donations   Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:29 am donate here once you donated Send me an Email at

Also email me your ign and stuff and what you want
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PostSubject: Re: Server Donations   Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:15 am

Lol why donate 40$ for all the good things when all u have to do is donate 10 become a gm and just get anything u want?

x3 change ur donor things angel. lol.

Also i may be leaving the server.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Donations   

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Server Donations
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