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 Smarty's GM Application

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PostSubject: Smarty's GM Application   Smarty's GM Application I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 11, 2009 4:39 pm

Name: My name is Jesse in real life.

IGN: My In-Game name is Smarty, a few of you know that lol.

Timezone: My timezone is GMT -7. I live in Alberta, Canada

Why do you want to be a GM?: Well, first of all, I've been helping out so many people, like making websites and forums and helping people make servers, and i'm kinda tired of it, I just want to join a nice server that is lots of fun and of course still help people, but not have to make like forums and websites and help people make a server(Sorry if i sound lazy, i'm not lazy at all, just helping people make servers itself takes up a ton of my time..).

Do you have experence?: Yes I have tons of experience, I am currently an Admin in XForceMS, and ToadMS. CoOwner in, SpecialzMS, RoflMS. And i am an Owner with my very good friend Jake in a private server called SnowballMS.
Now, for the server I used to be a GM in. I used to be a GM in an amazing server called BenjiMS, but they closed closed a while ago(If you want proof I can tell you the website).

What will you do to help the server?: I am active alot, Except I have school which sucks. I can catch hackers, I no all the !cheaters , !online , !onlinew , !warp <personsname> , !warphere <personsname>. Just some basics, but these basics can be VERY helpful for catching hackers. I love hosting events, it's always fun to do. I always have a GM handbook just incase I forget something. People are always my first priority, I don't like to see people being bullied(made fun of in a game for no reason), cause it's happened to me, and it makes that person want to leave your server, so i'll definitly try and keep that from happening. And, I promise to vote everyday (I will even if you don't make me a GM).

Tell us about You!: My name is Jesse, you already know that. I'm 14 turning 15 in June. Oh ya, and my b-day is on June 23rd. My favourite color is red. I'm not gay(I don't want to see anyone asking that question lawll..). I try to be funny even though I know i ain't that funny. I'm 99% Canadian(I've lived in Canada my whole life but i think im scottish or somethin). One of my best friends in this server is LordStewy a.k.a. Steward lol... He is 13 years old turning 14, that lier, lol sorry stewy had to pick on you, what are friends for.

Can You Donate?: I can't right now, BUT I'll try to donate whenever I get the chance, so don't be waiting on me to donate because I don't think I can but still, it's possible i could, but i doubt it, very sorry lol. If I can ever donate I'll be sure to donate right away.

Yours Truly,
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Smarty's GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Smarty's GM Application   Smarty's GM Application I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 13, 2009 9:14 pm

If you're an Admin in all those servers, why would you want to be a GM here? Plus you probably will have to share your time between like 4 maplestorys.
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Smarty's GM Application
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